Accelerate and Protect My PC

Do you sometimes feel so infuriated when your computer slows down or “hangs” that you feel like you want to smash it on the floor? Well, you are not alone. Computers can develop that annoying habit, usually when you are waiting for that all-important email or you need to get some information from the net urgently. There are many reasons why a computer slows down – too many programs open at the same time or insufficient resources, spyware/viruses, or overheating just to name a few. Our experienced local Portland-based technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and get your computer running at peak performance again.

The following services that we perform can greatly improve the performance
and security of your computer:

  • Installing Microsoft and 3rd party security updates
  • Optimizing Windows startup and shutdown
  • Improving menu navigation
  • Cleaning up your desktop, quick launch area, and task bar
  • Creating program shortcuts
  • Blocking those annoying pop ups
  • Enabling anti-phishing controls
  • Getting rid of unwanted programs
  • Creating user accounts as needed
  • Verifying all hardware and software is functioning normally

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