Backup & Recovery

We say there are two kinds of people out there – those who have experienced the pain of lost data (pictures, email, or music collections), and those who will. It’s a simple fact that all hard drives will eventually fail and when they do, recovering your precious information can be costly and sometimes the information is not recoverable at all.

Thankfully, JEGS provides both a backup service as well as an information recovery service in the event that you actually lose your data. The following is a brief description of our backup and information recovery services:

Data transfer to a new computer, portable device or other media.

Creating a backup schedule on your computer that matches your requirements. We can recommend the appropriate software to make sure backups are fast and easy.

Performing an initial backup, show you how to use the backup software, and check to make sure it’s working properly.

Get you setup with an ‘online’ Cloud backup solution. No more worrying about having to remember to run the backup manually. Great for users with lots of pictures, music, email, and videos.

Recovery of lost data from laptops, PC’s, CD’s, Flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, disks, CDs and tapes.

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