Computer Training

If you are interested, we can turn you into a geek or at least make you highly adept at dealing with computers. Our computer training service is provided by highly qualified instructors who will take you through the basics of computer use, terminology, troubleshooting problems and much more. Some of the training options we can provide include:

  • Training on software, basic computer use skills, digital photo, video and music
  • Learn how to navigate Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OSX
  • Learn how to work with Windows, connect devices and keyboard shortcuts
  • Learn how to use different web browsers
  • Learn how to burn and rip CD’s, and organize your music
  • MP3 player basics
  • Learn the basics of file and folder organization on a computer

Some clients just like to get together a list of specific questions they have and have us come out and go over their list. This type of customized training works very well for many clients and we are happy to do it!

To find out more about our computer training services and how you can schedule a training session, give a call now at 908.333.4332.

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