Hardware Repair

Computer hardware parts and accessories will at some point age or get damaged accidentally. If you have a broken computer, cracked screen or your hard drive is making unusual noises, then you need to give us a call. We provide computer repair in Portland at very reasonable prices and at the convenience of your home. JEGS comes to you. Our customers never need to leave their home, tear down their equipment and carry it to a location only to have to wait days and often even weeks. At JEGS we do all that for you. You simply need to call us and we will evaluate the issue.

FACT: Most of our repairs are done within just 90 minutes!

Our computer repair service falls into four main categories:

Basic repairs
Simple maintenance
We ask a lot of questions and do our research before we come out so we are prepared to repair the computer on the spot. In some cases we may need to order parts, or a particular repair may require more extensive work to complete. If we do need to bring your computer back to our shop to complete the work, we handle all the details and return it back to you once done. You never have to worry about tearing it down or driving the equipment anywhere.

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