Tablet Setup & Support

JEGS Computer Services Tablet Setup Specialists are just that — specialists in setting up and customizing your new Tablet.  We will get your new Tablet up running and personalizing it just the way you want it.  Our Tablet Setup Specialists Experts will set up your new Tablet so it’s ready for you to use.
If you rquire Tablet Setup – Software, Computer Help & Technical Support call 908.333.4332.

In-Home or In-Office Tablet Setup

  1. Unpack and set up a new Tablet
  2. Setup and personalize new Tablet to your specifications
  3. All critical Tablet software updates
  4. Account Creation to access applicable apps (iTunes/Amazon/Google)
  5. Download more apps
  6. Setup email
  7. Connect to a wireless network
  8. Browse the web
  9. Tips to improve Tablet experience

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