Technology Consultation

Desktop or laptop? Netbook or iPad? There are so many questions to grapple with when considering the many technology choices available.  Do you really need the newest multi-core processor with over a dozen gigabytes of RAM? Will an inexpensive netbook or tablet meet your needs? With the variety of offers available at dealers’ shops it is not surprising that many people feel overwhelmed when considering a new technology purchase. By buying something off the shelf you also are at risk of not getting what you need. As an example, many off the shelf computers are loaded with trial versions of programs that will only work for a short time before you have to make an additional and often expensive purchase.  What about the new tablets and netbooks out there? What can you really accomplish using one? Can it replace your desktop PC?

Our Technology Consultation service is designed with you in mind. Before you go shopping, give us a call and we will provide you with invaluable advice based on your requirements. Specifically:

  •  We can help you get a PC, laptop, tablet, netbook, peripheral or accessory from any manufacturer. Dell, HP, Sony, Alienware, you name it!
  • We will sort through all the techno-babble and make sure you get a system that truly meets your needs.
  • We can help you be certain that the end result you desire with your purchase is achievable and avoid the buyer’s remorse often associated with a new piece of technology.

We enjoy learning about the newest and greatest technologies available so we are always ready to help our customers make the most informed choices in their buying decisions. From PCs & Tablets to mobile phones, we can help you make a selection.

Give us a call now at 908.333.4332 for an insightful technology consultation.

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